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Tavern under railway viaduct of Yurakucho

Tavern is a restaurant with Japanese popular food and alcohol. There are a lot of eating and drinking establishments under the guard near Yurakucho. We are crowded with many Japanese salaried workers on weekdays. You can eat yakitori and pork tripe hotpot in there. You can enjoy the atmosphere of a Japanese tavern.

[Tavern under railway viaduct of Yurakucho]
[in Japanese: Yurakucho, Gurd Shita no Izakaya 有楽町ガード下の居酒屋]


Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, tokyo

  • *Please note that this information is not the latest information. We recommend that you go after checking the official information.
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Tavern under railway viaduct of Yurakucho [TokyoGo!] #tokyogo